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    Post new york firefighter considered hero

    i'm not sure if i;m writing the right place but what i have to say is this i have read and heard about firefighter mike kehoe being considered a hero he didn't asked for this status he also didn't ask that his picture be takened either but lets remember this where was this photo taken inside that hell hole where everyone was running out at least he was where he was supposed to be and understand this as a retired firefighter anybody in there right mind who puts their self in harms way and then realizes whoa wait a minute it's time to get out of here because we all have been in that situation before that is if you was <br />worth a dam as a firefighter so i don't blame him for getting the hell out of there i would have and lets be truthfull so would have anyone else who had good sense of course you want to save lives thats uor job but don't forget yourself either no one knew that the tower would fall but apparently something told this firefighter<br />in his mind as you all know when it's time to get out he did what he had to do we can all do monday morning quarterback but i wasn't there and either was some of the other people putting<br /> this man down as far as i'm concerned he has no regrets he was in that building not out in the street so i'm glad you got out and wished all the other men wwould have too . so give the guy a break he didn't ask for this he was just working that day that.s all.

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    Yes,I Couldn't Agree With You More.I Think The Other Firefighters At His Station Giving Him Crap Is Totally Uncalled For,Where Were They When The Towers Came Down?He Was Serving To Help Others And They Are Giving Him Crap,What If They Were In The Towers And Turned Back?Are They Jealous Because He Had His Picture Taken And Not Them,Are They Jealous Because He's Being Called A Hero?Are They Jealous Because He's Saying He's Not A Hero So The Other Firefighters Want The Spotlight?Now Were Talking.

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