Good afternoon, this is District 2 Fire Chief Roy Yocum, Cincinnati
Fire Division, reporting on a gasoline fuel spill on 12/27/98 at 7:00
AM at the Ashland Oil Station in the Westwood neighborhood.

Twenty fire fighters responded to numerous alarms in the
Westwood neighborhood complaining of fumes in their houses.
Upon further investigation, it was determined that at approximately
6:30 AM, the Ashland gas station at McHenry and Harrison Ave.
was having their underground tanks filled by a gasoline tanker
truck. The fill hose into the tank became accidentally disengaged
spilling approximately 50 gallons of gasoline onto the ground and
into the storm sewers.

Many homes in the immediate area had fumes in their buildings.
Most of the fumes entered the building due to dry basement sewer
traps. Fire fighters went to numerous houses and checked the
fumes with a combustible gas indicator and found the levels to be
below the explosive range. Fire fighters filled the basement traps
with water and ventilated the buildings. Approximately 15 fire
hydrants were flowed into the sewers to displace the gasoline
fumes. The Fire Divisionís Environmental Crime Unit was called to
the scene to investigate for possible violation of the law. There
were no injuries.

For any additional information, contact District 2 Fire Chief Roy
Yocum at 352-2322.

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This is District 2 Fire Chief Keith Walters, Cincinnati Fire Division,
reporting on a one alarm fire on 12/25/98 at 920 W. Liberty St. The
fire was reported at 7:33 PM. The fire started in a second floor
bedroom and was confined to that area with heavy smoke damage
to the rest of the second floor. The occupants, Diane Cobb and her
8 year old daughter, were not at home at the time of the fire. The
cause of the fire is under investigation. There were no injuries and
the loss is estimated at $15,000.

For any additional information, contact District 2 Fire Chief Keith
Walters at 352-2322.


Mike Kroeger

Michael G. Kroeger, District Chief
Cincinnati Fire Division, Risk Manager
430 Central Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-2642
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