On Christmas eve, I happened to be in Williamsburg during the beginning stages of a tremendous ice storm. Perhaps the worst that area has seen. While on my way home, I64 appeared like a war zone. Trees not only in the roadway but falling around and in front of our vehicle as we made our way slowly. We came upon 8 vehicles off the road into trees. Fortunately, no one was hurt!

Most important, was that there were numerous other workers besides emergency service people out this particular morning. I saw numerous workers from power companies, highway departments and the State Forestry Department. Sometimes it slips by us, but there are others that are our partners which are vital to helping us accomplish our mission. Getting roads cleared (while trees were still falling), returning power to citizens are to name a few. I just wanted to say "thanks" to all of our partners who work alongside us during these extreme conditions. And when live power lines are falling in and around us, theres no one better to have with you than the guy who can control the power.