CHARLESTON, SC-The City of Charleston Police Department was dispatched to
235 Meeting Street in the early morning hours of Monday, January 4th for a
burglar alarm. Upon the arrival of the first officer, he radioed in that
the building appeared to be on fire and that there was heavy smoke coming
from the windows on the second floor on the Hasel and Meeting Street

Charleston Police advised the Fire Dispatchers and a full assignment was
sent consisting of E2, E3, T4, and C2. Upon arrival of E2 (who's station
is located approximately 2 blocks from this location), they advaced a 1.5"
handline inside and searched to find the seat of the fire. E3 laid E2 a
supply line to the corner of Meeting and Pinckney Streets.

The building itself was 3 1/2 stories tall and was the length of half the
block of Hasel Street. It is connected to a common set of buildings along
that area that make up the start of 'the Market area'. The fire was in a
restaurant called 'Sticky Fingers' which is quite popular to the locals
and tourists alike here in Charleston.

It is coincedental that the crews from E2 and E3 had preplanned the
building not more than 6 months ago, so they had a general idea of the
layout of the building upon their arrival. The fire appeared to have
started in a second floor hallway and spread throughout that floor. It was
a good stop to say the least (not meaning to sound arrogant, but it really

C2 called for a second alarm (E15 and E6) approximately 5 minutes into the
call for manpower. E6 pulled 2 1.5" handlines to the rear of the building
and E15 arrived and advanced a 1.5" handline through a second floor window
on a 24' extension ladder. E8 (third alarm) was called and laid a supply
line to E15. E8 crew also used handlines inside to assist in
extinguishment, ventilation, and overhaul. E11 (fourth alarm) later called
for manpower and T1 was called to filled SCBA cylinders at the scene.

The restaurant sustained fire damage to the second floor. It received
water and minor smoke damage to the first floor and smoke damage to the
third floor. I can tell you first hand that when we arrived (E15), there
was so much smoke in the street that you couldn't see down towards the
Market area. It was a very cold night with I believe the temperature
dipping down in the 20s (which is extremely frigid here in South
Carolina). There was a large accumulation of ice all over the scene and
personnel. It was interesting to say the least.

The restaurant could possibly be back in business within 6-8 months, it
all depends on how quickly the repairs get going. I saw some salvage
company trucks there today as a matter of fact. Fire is still under
so I will try to update this when I here the official word.

Units responding-E2, E3, E6, E8, E11, E15, T1, T4, C1, C2, C3, C4, C11,
Charleston Police, SCE&G Units relocating-E7, E12


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