Thursday Jan 7th. At 15:42 report of a possible house on fire, 2200 block of Vernon. Posen and Calumet Park Auto Aid. Upon arrival, Heavy smoke showing all floors, 50X75 2 story bungalow. Fire appeard to be in the basement. Blue Island crew made basement entry. Command lost radio contact with initial crew Posen crew(my crew) sent in to search for and possibly rescue BI crew. Crew was found ok and due to heavy fire conditions all crews made rapid escape. Cal Park crew sent to roof. Due to limited manpower and weaqther conditions, temp -5F, Command requested Box #2109. Fire spread to 2 and 3 floors of house. Steuctural stability was jeapordized all crews pulled out to regroup. Box alarm companies began an interior attack. Fire was finally under control at 17:15 hrs. But crews remained working due to the large amount of overhaul. Crews were released and the Box struck at 19:20hrs.

Chris Grande
Village of Posen Fire Department
Posen, Illinois