01/06/99 Gurnee fire was dispatched along with a Newport Township engine to a reported fire in the 37000 block of Dilleys road. companies arrived to find a fire between 2 large barns. the newport crew pulled a 2 1/2" line and began an attack.A Gurnee engine set up at the drive as Newports port a tank was set up for tanker perations. Command requested a tanker box, and upgraded each alarm untill a 5th was reached.Minutes after the first water was put on the fire, heavy fire was seen blowing out the opposite end of the barn. soon it was fully involved, and attention was placed on saving the other barn, a 50x100 metal structure,with solvents,oxygen, and other hazards where stored. the fire travel through an opening between the to barns, and a defensive operation was setup, and companies moved back. Two large explosions, as well as numerous smaller ones where felt by firefighters. despite there best efforts, both buildings where totally destroyed.