City of Lancaster,Pa.
Engines 3,2,4 and Truck-1 were dispatched at 0848 hrs this morning 1/14/99 for a structure fire at 634 E.King St.En rout County Control informed all responding Companies that numerous calls were being received with posable entrapment on the third floor. Engine 3 and Truck-1 arrived quickly from Station 3 two blocks away reporting smoke showing from the third floor on side-1, Engine 3 streached a 200' 1.75 inch preconect line to the second floor. Engine 4 was the second arriving pumper and we hand layed 400' of 5 inch supply line to a hydrant, while Truck-1 laddered the front of the building and took out the windows on the second and third floors. Engine 1 was dispatched to the scene to act as the R.I.T team.Due to bad weather conditions of freezing rain and posable entrapment 3rd. and 4th. alarms were struck recalling two off duty platoons. The fire was held to the room of oregon a bedroom in the second floor apartment. After the primary search it was confirmed there was no entrapment and no injuries on this incident. The cause is still under investigation but the fire marshalls think it was smoking in bed or children playing with a lighter or matches.The father was cooking breakfast for his two children ages 6 and 9 and a friend when the friend smelled smoke and found the bed on fire in the middle bedroom.
The fire was under control in 10 minutes.
This was the second structure fire this morning. A early morning fire at 0411 hrs. did $500 damage to a house at 629 Lehigh Ave. that fire was from placing a wicker basket filled with papers on the stove top that had been left on. Workers saw the flames through the kitchen window and called 911.