This is Fire Captain Dan Rottmueller of the Cincinnati Fire
Division's Fire Investigation Unit. The date is Tuesday, 1/12/99,
and the time is 4:22 PM.

This is a follow-up report on a one alarm fire which occurred on
11/23/98 and caused $5000 damage to a structure at 4018 Apple
St. in the Northside neighborhood.

The investigation reveals the cause to be juveniles with a match.
Two male juveniles, ages 13 & 14 years are being charged with
aggravated arson to person and property at this address only. The
are not connected to the other Northside neighborhood fires. If any
citizen has information concerning the numerous suspicious
Northside fires, please call the Cincinnati Police Crime Stoppers
Hotline at 352-2340.

For any additional information, please contact Fire Captain Dan
Rottmueller of the Cincinnati Fire Divisionís Fire Investigation Unit
at 352-1685.


This is District Two Fire Chief Keith Walters, Cincinnati Fire
Division, reporting on a two-alarm fire at 2145 B Freeman Ave. on
1/12/99. The fire started in the rear bedroom and extended
internally down the hallway and to a deck above on the second
floor. Adjacent buildings were also exposed. Heavy fire coming
from the doorway on the north required a hose line to protect a
nearby, exposed building. It took 11 fire companies with
approximately 50 fire fighters to fight this fire. The second alarm
was required due to the large volume of fire showing on arrival and
the fast interior spread.

Two adults and three children were at home when the fire was
discovered. One occupant attempted to fight the fire before
notifying the fire division. All escaped without injuries. The second
floor apartment suffered smoke damage and some fire control
damage. The Red Cross assisted the displaced occupants with
emergency shelter. The cause of the fire is under investigation,
and the loss is estimated at $40,000.

For any additional information, please contact District Two Fire
Chief Keith Walters at 352-2322.


This is Fire Lieutenant Kurt Brinkman, Cincinnati Fire Division
Ladder Company 3, reporting on a dispatch for a person witnessed
jumping from the L & N Bridge into the Ohio River on 1/7/99.
Cincinnati Fire Division Fire Boat 3 and Boat # 203, along with
Heavy Rescue Squad 52, a paramedic unit and 2 fire companies
were dispatched to the Ohio River. A male, name and age
unknown, was rescued from the middle of the River just west of the
Southgate Taylor Bridge. Fire fighters on Boat # 203 began CPR
to revive the man who was found floating face down in the water.
The victim was taken to the Newport, Kentucky shoreline where
paramedics from the Newport Fire Department were waiting and
transported the victim to St. Luke Hospital. Further information on
the victim is unavailable at this time.

For any additional information on this incident, contact the District
One Fire Chief at 352-2311.


Good morning, this is District Fire Chief Mike Kroeger, Cincinnati
Fire Division, it is 1/8/99 at 8:00 am. The Cincinnati Area Chapter
of the American Red Cross in partnership with the Cincinnati Fire
Division is pleased to announce an exciting new life-saving
program. This program will allow the two organizations and other
local fire departments to distribute smoke alarms for the deaf and
hearing impaired.

A press conference will be held today, Friday, 1/8/99, at 10:00 AM
at the Red Cross Chapter Headquarters at 720 Sycamore Street.
During this press conference to kick off this program, the first
recipient of one of these special devices will be Virginia Wilkerson.
Mrs. Wilkerson suffered the loss of tow hearing impaired children in
a fire in the Madisonville neighborhood last September. During this
event a smoke alarm for the hearing impaired will be demonstrated
and the program particulars will be announced.

For any additional information, please contact Assistant Fire Chief
David Hill at 352-2361.


This is District One Fire Chief John R. Schubert, Cincinnati Fire
Division, reporting on a 3 alarm fire at 12 E. 15th St. Fire
companies were dispatched at 6:28 pm on 1/7/99, Thursday, for
smoke coming from a vacant building. On arrival, fire companies
found heavy smoke and flames coming from the 4th floor of a 4
story brick, vacant building. The 2nd and 3rd alarms were called
for at total of 90 fire fighters needed to bring this fire under control.
The fire was confined to the building and the loss is estimated at
$30,000. The building owner is Master Partnership, 1822
Livernois, PO Box 21575, Detroit, Michigan 48221. The cause of
the fire is under investigation.

For any additional information, contact District One Fire Chief John
R. Schubert at 352-2311.


Mike Kroeger

Michael G. Kroeger, District Chief
Cincinnati Fire Division, Risk Manager
430 Central Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-2642
Ph: (513) 352-2565, Fax: (513) 352-1548,