A spectacular early- morning fire destroyed a barrel reconditioning plant in the city's Northwest industrial area. A structure fire was called in by a passerby at 0530 this morning from a convenice store at 5 W. Clay St. Units were dispatched, en rout County Control informed us that numerus calls were being received for a working structure fire at 37 W.Clay St. Samuel Miller & sons Inc.First arriving, B/C 3 confirmed a working fire in a one and two story brick and heavy timber mill constructed building. B/C 3 struck a General Alarm calling all off duty personal back to duty. First arriving units found heavy fire through the roof of this fully sprinklered building that was at least 88 years old. Engs.1, 2 and Trucks-1& 2 went into master stream operations on arrival in a defensive operation. This property has been sighted numerous times over the years for fire code violatios and was considered to be a high risk property as far as firefighter safety.The sprinkler system had been shut off unbeknowing of the Fire Bureau.It's 1645 and I have to report back on duty, sorry I can't finish the article, maybe tommorrow!

Lt. Charles M. Huber Truck-2 C- Platoon