Good morning,this is Lt.Charles M.Huber Officer of Truck-2 C-Platoon, Lancaster City Bureau of Fire.

Updating the General Alarm Fire at the Samual Miller & Sons Inc. barrel company building that took place yesterday morning at 5:34 AM.
About 55 on duty and recalled city firefighters fought this fire with assistence from volunteer companies from outside the city which also filled the empty city stations, companies assisting were Lafayette,Lancaster Township,West Lancaster,Rohrerstown and Eden.
The owner estimated the loss to the building and equipment to be about $700,000.The Miller & Sons building was destroyed by the blaze, but firefighters protected five other exposure buildings. One building Marbleon Products at 811 N.Prince St.was directly linked to the Miller building by a common basement and interconecting walk through bridge. The fire doors on the bridge were permanently in a closed position. Both building were supplied from the same sprinkler system that had been shut off.
Chemicals in the building, including hydrochloric acid, added to the problems confronting firefighters, the County HazMat unit was on location and monitored the scene.About 15 sets of turn out gear were contaminated and were bagged to be taken to Kennett Square Pa. to the Safty- Clean Company to be cleaned.
There were no injuries to civilians or firefighters even with temps. in the 20's and very icy working conditions.
Heavy equipment was brought in to take down walls and dig out hot spots. A fire watch would remain on location through out the night to for flare ups. The Fire Marshals were resumeing their investigation at 8:30 AM this morning 1/17, nothing has been ruled out as a cause at this time. As of this writing Truck-1 was still on location 32 hours into the incident.

For any additional information, contact Lt.Charles M. Huber at 717-291-4861 Fire Station #1