On 1-18-99 Gouldsboro Fire & EMS responded to the Keystone Pocono Residence for a report of a power outage that resulted in loss of heat to the multiple houses in the camp. At approximately 1945hrs following a motor vehicle accident , we were informed that power was out in a section of our response area. This section contains KPR . Members immeditely went into action , responding with a large generator to attempt to supply the camp with power until utilites could arrive. When it was determined that the power outage was affecting the heat , the Incident Commander called for Rescue 55 , Squad 55 and 55-9 EMS. Upon the rescue's arrival portable lighting was set up and crews were staged by their assigned apparatus until needed. Crews restored partial power to the main building of the camp and crews were relocated to the interior upon orders of command. Later in the incident it was decided by the management staff to evacuate the residents and transport them by bus to Keystone city residence in Scranton PA approximately 25 minutes away. At this time firefighters and line officers were assigned to go with staff and evacuate each house and prepare them for the impending transport. All residents were evacuated safely. All 55 units were returned to service at approximately 0030hrs . No personel suffered any injuries during the evacuation in ice and snow conditions.