Westville Fire Dept. called in three departments to help battle a house fire late this morning. Catlin, Tilton Lynch and Georgetown Fire departments were called to the scene to assist at the fire. Westville units had heavy fire from the front of the house on arrival. The house located in a subdivision with no fire hydrants required departments to use porta tanks for water supply. Several 1 3/4 lines and a 2 1/2 line was needed to control the fire. The fire extended up into the attic and crews had difficulty in opening up the ceiling due to it having 1 x 4 tongue and groove boards covering the ceiling. By the time crews managed to get some of the ceiling opened up the fire had control of the attic, and roof collapse followed shortly after. The house was a total loss and the cause of the fire is under investigation. One firefighter received minor 2nd degree burns to his face on his initial entry in to the building. Several other departments were called to cover stations for the departments who had units at the scene.