At approx. 1130 hrs. 16 Sat., Jan '99 ,units from Tallahassee Fire Dept.and Chaires-Capitola VFD were dispatched to respond to a possible house fire due to lightning strike.Upon arrival,(response time about 1.5 min)firefighters found smoke billowing from a single story motel office building.the lightning struck the service pole,traveled down the service drop,entered the living space and arced from a TV set,setting the interior on fire.meanwhile,the transformer on the power pole had exploded and was burning freely,exposing the charged transformer feed line and the pole itself to the 5 ft. flames.The firefighters attempting to deal with the interior fire were forced to work directly underneath the live wire supplying the burning pole/transformer.The interior fire was complicated by knotty pine walls and ceiling, making checks for extension very difficult.power company representitives arrived after 45 min. and extinguished the transformer with a 5lb. dry chem.Lightning continued to strike within 5 mi.every 2-3 min .Units were on scene about 3hrs.