2-4-99- 9:02AM- Box-4414 struck for Brabant & Ontario St. Fire reported 3000 E Ontario st , a garage.The following companies responded. Pipeline-28, Pipeline 6, Eng-7, Eng-25, Lad- 16, Lad-10, Batt-10, Batt-8.Pipeline 28 arrived on location, and request all companies to lead off with 1 3/4 water lines. At 9:06 AM , Medic 4, Deputy 2 and Rescue 1 are dispatched. Batt. 10 arrives on location has has all companies lead off with their heaviest water lines.He reports he has a 1 story building 75 x depth unk. at this time, with heavy fire showing. At 9:12 AM Batt. 10 request the 2nd alarm. The following companies responded on the 2nd alarm. Squrt 8, Squrt 38, Pipeline 50, Eng- 2, Eng- 29, water supply, Snorkel 5, Batt-4, Batt-3, Batt. 12 water laison officer, Field com. 1, Medic 2, and ES-5. At 9: 20 AM Batt. 10 reports this is a 1 story Garage 45 x 100, fully involved. Portions of the build. have collasped. All companies are in service with master streams. SA-1 enroute to the fireground at 9:32 AM. At 9:35 AM, Deputy 2 places the fire under control.

Greg Masi
Phila.Second Alarmers

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