2-7-99-Philadelphia- At 11:08AM, Box 4635 was struck for Old York Rd & Conlyn St, fire reported at Broad St & Nedro St for a building. The following companies responded. Eng-63,Squrt 72, Pipeline 19, Pipeline 61, Ladder 29, Ladder 8, Batt-2, and Batt-9. Batt- 2 arrived on location and reported med. smoke from a store and apts, 2 eng and 2 lad are to go in service. At 11:10 AM Medic 18 is dispatched by F.C.C.. Batt- gives another progress report that the property is 3 story 15 x 50 store on first floor, apts. above. He has heavy smoke throughout.. Rescue one and Deputy 2 are dispatched at 11:14AM by F.C.C.. Batt-2 progress report states he has heavy fire on the first floor, with all companies in service. At 11:23 AM SA-1 is responding to the fire with Car 8 & Car 20. Fire place under control at 11:30 AM by Deputy 2.

Greg Masi
Phila.Second Alarmers