2-10-99-Philadelphia Pa.-Tac Box 715 was struck at 12:01AM for 50th & Thompson St. Fire reported at 5029 W. Girard Av, a dwelling. The following companies responded Eng-16, Eng-41, Lad-24, Lad-6, Batt-11, and Medic-23. At 12:03 AM F.C.C. filled at the box due to more 9-1-1 calls and the following companies responded, Pipeline 5, Squrt 57, and Batt-7.Eng-16 arrived on location and reported he had a 3 story middile of the row dwelling, heavy fire on the first floor, heavy smoke on the 2nd and 3rd floor. He wants 2-2 to go in service.AT 12:08 AM ES-4 arrives on the fireground. Batt-11 gives a progress report, that the primary search has been conducted for occupants, with negitive results, and now they are doing a secondary search.The following cover-up companies were dispatched by F.C.C.. Eng-35 cover Eng-41, Lad-9 cover Lad-6, and Pipeline 34 cover Eng-16. At 12:20AM Batt-11 reports that all fire has been knocked down, and he is in service with 3-2 at this time. At 12;28AM, the fire is placed under control by Batt-11.

Greg Masi
Phila.Second Alarmers