2-11-99-Philadelphia Pa-At 6:10AM Box 87 was struck for Broad St & Erie Av. Fire reported at 3700 N. Broad St, for a building. The following companies responded. Eng-59, Pipeline 50, Squrt 72, Eng-55,Lad-18, Lad-12, Batt-8, and Batt-2
Medic 4 was dispatched by F.C.C. at 6:12AM. Batt-8 arrives on the scene and he wants 1-1 to go in service. He reports he has a 3 story buidling 18 x 80, light smoke showing. Batt-8 later reports the property appears to be vacant, all. co.s are in service at this time.At 6:17AM, Rescue 1 and Deputy 2 are dispatched by F.C.C.. Batt-8 gives another progress report, that the exposures are a 14 story building to the right of the fire building and a 3 story vacant to the. left. Batt- 8 reports they have heavy smoke conditions on the 3rd Floor. At 6:45AM, Pipeline 28 and Air Unit 2 are dispatched by F.C.C .At 6:50AM on orders of Deputy 2, the second alarms is struck.The following companies responded. Pipelne 34,Engine 45,Eng-51,Eng-2,Lad-3, Batt-3, Batt-9, Batt-4. At 6:53AM, Medic 24 and ES5 are dispatched by F.C.C. Batt-8 reports that the bulk of the fire is knocked down. The second alarm is to stage at Broad St & Erie Av.At 7:09AM, by orders of Deputy 2, place the fire under control. At 7:20AM,SA-1 responded to the fireground with Cars 4 and Car 20.

Greg Masi
Phila.Second Alarmers