Reading,Pa. 2/12/99 At 1057HRS Box 13 3rd & Chestnut was transmited for a fire at 143 S. 3rd St.Engine Co;s 3,5,1 Lad Co,1 Snorkel Co. 1 Res 1 and EMS responded on the box. Eng.3 first in reported heavy fire showing from the rear of a 2 1/2 story EOR multiple occupancy approxamitly 15 by 35.Fire extended to the second floor and was cut off by the companies.Searches were negative and first floor occupants where treated by EMS for smoke inhalation.Fire was put under control at 1120 HRS with extensive overhaul.
The fire appeared to be started by a juvenile playing with matches according to interviews by the Fire Marshall

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