Philadelphia Pa-2-13-99--2124 Hours
Box-1228- Germantown Av & Bethlehem ...
Fire Reported 150 W. Evergreen Av-Apt
Task Force-21,Lad-8
Batt-9, Batt-2
Medic-33-dispatched at 2125 hours
Eng-37-progress report- 3 story apt building, 100 x 150, fire showing 2nd floor apt, all companies are to lead off with 1 3/4 water lines.
Deputy 2- Rescue 1 dispatched at 2126 hours.
Batt-9 progress report- bulk of fire is knocked down, still have heavy smoke conditions, ladder companies are evacuating the building.
Batt-9 request another medic unit. They have one resident being treated for smoke inhalation.
Medic 18 dispatched at 2134 hours.
Batt-9 places fire under control at 2140 hours.

Greg Masi
Phila.Second Alarmers