Philadelphia Pa- 2-14-99- 1041 hours
Eng-24- dispatched 1814 Wharton St for a fire alarm at the church.
Box-734- 18 & Wharton St 1042 hours struck by F.C.C.
Eng-10,E-47-,E-60, Lad-11, Task Force 5
Bat-1, Bat-4

Lad-11, progress report-5 story church,50 x 100, med. smoke showing on the side and in the rear., 2-2 are to go in service.
Medic- 14 dispatched at 1047 hours
Batt- 1- progress report- 4 story church, 50 x 100, heavy fire in the basement, strike out the second alarm.

2nd Alarm-1056 hours
Pipeline-20, Squrt 43, Pipeline-49, Eng-11
Eng-53-water supply,Snorkel-2,Batt-7,
Batt-11, Batt-3, Water Officer, Field Com-1,
Deputy 1, Rescue-1, and Medic-7.

1058 hours, ES-4 responding to 2nd alarm.

1120 hours- SA-1 reponding to 2nd Alarm
with Cars-1-4-11-16-19-20,and Car-22

1121 hours-Batt-1 progress report. Compnaies are going to an exterior attack at this time with master streams.

1157 hours. On orders of Deputy -1 strike out the 3rd Alarm

3rd Alarm-1157 hours
Lad-13, Lad-19, Bat-401, Bat-8

1247 hours- Fire under control by orders of Car-1

Greg Masi
Phila.Second Alarmers

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