At 1631 HRS 2-17-99The Saint James Fire Department was toned out for a Structure Fire with a large number of calls. Chiefs on scene : 4331, 4332 & 4333. When units arrived on scene they had a involved 3000+ sqaure Foot colonial With heavy fire showing on exposure 1 & 2. Exposure 2 had a garage with a fully involved auto inside. Tower Ladder 437's crew was ordered to search the building and to the roof for a vent. Engine 431 was to strech lines to exposure 1 & 2. Engine 432 streched line to the front door on exposure 1. The fire was stopped before it could do major damage to the structure. Stony Brook Fire Department was a called for a Fast Team. Smithtown and Nesconset Fire Departments were also called. A under control was given by Command at 1745 HRS. No victims were found and no members injured.

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