Philadelphia Pa 2-23-99--0004 hours
Tac Box-2193 -Stenton Av & Haines St
Fire reported-6630 Cornelius St- Dwelling.
Eng-51-Eng-63,Lad-29, Lad-8,Bat-2
Bat-2 progress report- 2 story dwelling-heavy fire on the second floor, 1-1 are to go in service.
Batt-2- request that all companies are to go in service now.
At 0010 hours Batt-2 request that the box be filled out.
Eng-73, Squrt 72, Bat-9, Medic-18 now responding on the box.
F.C.C. dispatched the following cover-ups
Eng-64- cover Eng-63, Lad-22- cover Lad-29.
At 0012 hours Deputy 2 and Rescue 1 are dispatched by F.C.C.
At 0020 hours Batt-2 request 2 more engine companies.
Eng-64 and PL-61 are dispatched.
Batt-2 progress report- he still has heavy fire on the second floor, a primary search has been conducted, with negitive results.
Batt-2 request Eng- 64 meet Batt- 2 in front of the fire dwelling, and PL-61 is to take the delta exposure with ceiling hooks and check for extentions.
The following cover-ups are dispatched by F.C.C.
PL-50 cover Eng-51
Eng-35 cover Eng-73
Eng- 14 Cover PL-61
At 0041 hours, by orders of Bat- 2 the fire is placed under control.

Greg Masi
Phila.Second Alarmers