Good Evening, this is Cincinnati Fire District 3 Chief Gary Scott, reporting on a one alarm fire which occurred on 2/21/99 at 4:15 PM. The location of the fire was 2343 Victor Street. Fire companies were dispatched to a reported attic fire. Upon arrival, fire companies confirmed fire showing from the front attic window of the two story, wood frame dwelling. An aggressive interior attack on the blaze was initiated, along with a primary search of the first and second floor. Horizontal ventilation was utilized in the removal of super-heated gases from the apartment. The blaze was quickly brought under control; the primary search for occupants of the apartment was found to be all clear. There were no injuries to civilians or firefighters as a result of this incident. A fire investigator (Car 511) was called to the scene to assist in the determination of the cause of the fire. A child playing with a lighter (flame) was determined to be the cause of the fire. The family was referred to the Juvenile Firesetter Program. Estimated loss was set at $5000.00. The occupants, one adult and 2 children were not displaced as a result of the fire. There were 3 engine companies, 2 ladder companies, 1 rescue unit, 1 district chief, and a fire investigator utilized in this incident. Fire companies were on the scene for approximately 2 hours. For additional information regarding this incident, call District 3 Chief Gary Scott at 352-2333 or Fire Investigator Dan Wolf at 352-4991


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