Two 1-Alarm house fires in Sunflower County, MS stretch volunteers from lunch to mid-afternoon Thursday. The first, in the city of Moorhead, began when clothes piled too close to a space heater caught fire. The residents were not home at the time of the fire. The fire was extinguished when water lines leading to a hot water heater ruptured and suppressed the fire. The house suffered moderate smoke damage. Approximately an hour later, Inverness (Dist 2) and Moorhead (Dist 3) firefighters were alerted to a house fire west of Inverness. Again, the resident was not home at the time; neighbors reported the fire via 911, stating the house was nearly fully involved. Firefighters worked for two and a half hours controlling the blaze. The cause of the second fire is still under investigation. Despite the near total loss of the house, firefighters were, however, able to rescue two puppies from the crawlspace beneath the home. Also assigned to the fires was the county's Rehab Services Sector, a joint venture between the County Fire Coordinator and the American Red Cross, designed to assist firefighters by establishing rehab sectors at working fires.

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