At 00:40 02/26/99 the Richmondville FD was toned for structure..right next to their fire house. First officer immediately called for 2 ladders(the only 2 in the county!) and 5"LDH from Cobleskill FD, described as fully involved. CFD Engine 5021 laid 1000+ to a pond within the village. RFD's FH was only 25 feet away and suffered damage. Fire building, an old glove factory 3+ stories wood frame, is a total loss. Mutual aid included Worcester, E. Worcester, Summit, Cobleskill, Middleburg. Central Bridge, Charlotteville , and Jefferson provided standby coverage.
Since article originally posted, author has visited this fire scene and talked with responders. Doors on the firehouse went up and first out engine 1321, a Pierce midship, positioned across the street and an immediate evacuationn of FH started. Before apparatus was all out, windows blew out on FH, power and telephone gone in FH. Through excellent work an exposure, east side, a pizza joint, suffered minor fire damage yet only 15 feet away. Last summer the water mains on Main street at fire scene were upgraded and this helped with the initial attack. Vinyl siding several hundred feet away on opposite side of street in a village business district is destroyed. An old post and beam building, oil soaked floors, wide open made for a perfect chimney. From alarm time to fully involved was only 5 minutes. DEFENSIVE from the beginning, RFD has some spectacular pictures offered up by Jeff Foote. One firefighter suffered 2nd degree burns to ears thru his Nomex hood, as well as a bubbled helmet. RFD was on scene for 16 hours with only a cracked window in one engine and some melted lenses.

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