022899 0315: Box 428, 9th & Elm streets was transmitted for a building fire in the 200 block of N. 9th street. E1,3,9, Sn1, L3, R1 chiefs 8 & 9 responded. E3 assumed 1st in engine company and reported fire showing 1st floor rear stairwell of a 2 story EOR apartment building at 221 N 9th street. As a quick knock down was being achieved with a 1&3/4" line, companies conducting a search located a burned civilian in a 2nd floor apartment & removed him from the building. He was transported to a local hospital in critical condition and is not expected to survive his injuries. The fire was placed under control minutes later and initial reports indicate it was arson.
0545 hours: Box 721, Tulpehocken & W. Buttonwood streets was transmitted on a visual alarm from fire communications for a "large fire" in the area of the 300 block of W. Buttonwood street. E3,8,1 ,Sn1, L3, R1 & chiefs 8 & 9 responded. E3 arrived 2 minutes later and reported a large building at the American Chain & Cable complex in the 400 block of Tulpehocken street well involved, and that they were going in service with "heavy appliances". Car 9 gave a further report minutes later of a 3 story 60 X 100 foot, vacant, timber consructed building heavily involved with exposures, and stated he was setting up master streams. He requested a 2nd alarm bringing E5,9, L1, & chiefs 1 & 2 to the scene. The fire was contained by 6 master streams and numerous 2&1/2" handlines. The building suffered a total collapse. The fire is considered suspicious and is 1 of about 30 at buildings in the complex since 1993.

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