Good afternoon this is District Two Fire Chief Steve Kluesener. It is
Sunday, February 28th at 4pm. I am reporting on a two alarm fire which
occured at 462 Purcell Avenue of the Price Hill area of Cincinnati. The
alarm was received at 10:33 am. The first arriving fire companies
discovered heavy fire on the third floor of a three story, two family brick
dwelling. Flames were reaching heights of twenty to thirty feet above the
third floor attic windows when firefighters arrived. An aggressive interior
attack by these fire companies confined the fire to the attic area and
extinguished it. There were no injuries to civilians or firefighters as a
result of this blaze. Estimated loss due this fire has been set at

For further information please contact Steve Kluesener at 352-2322.
Thank you.


Good evening, this is Cincinnati Fire District Chief Fredrick A. Prather
reporting on a structure fire that occurred on 2/27/99 at 6:48 PM. The fire
occurred in the Eastside Nursing Home located at 3539 Eden Avenue.
Upon arrival firefighters found a nursing home with smoke emitting from
it and the occupants of the home being evacuated.

After entering the interior of the nursing home, firefighters found a
patient's bedroom that was involved in fire. The fire was being
suppressed by the nursing home's sprinkler system. The fire was confined
to a small area of the bedroom.

All occupants of the nursing home were evacuated by the nursing
home's personnel and firefighters. No injuries occurred to any of the
occupants of the building.

Fortunately, the fire sprinkler system operated in the room involved in
fire and the nursing home's personnel did an excellent job in the
evacuation of the residence. If these two things did not occur, the
situation could have been tragic.

The estimated loss to the building and it's contents is $6000.00. The
cause of the fire is undetermined at this time.

For additional information contact District Chief Fredrick A. Prather at


Good Morning this is Cincinnat Fire District Three Chief Gary Scott
reporting on a one alarm fire which occurred on 2/25/99 at 1am. The
location of the fire was 6642 Vine Street. Fire companies were
dispatched for a reported house fire with flames showing at the rear of the
building. Upon arrival fire personnel confirmed a working fire in the rear
of the building with flames showing at the first floor level. Forced entry
through the rear door and an aggressive interior attack on the blaze
quickly knocked down the majority of the fire. Once inside firefighters
reported large burn holes in the floor area of the kitchen with small flames
showing in the basement. Fire hose lines were quickly extended to the
basement and utilized to extinguish that area of the fire. Police on the
scene reported the house to be vacant. A primary search of the entire
structure was conducted in order to confirm that the building was indeed
all clear. A fire investigator was called to the scene to assist in
determining the cause of the blaze. At this time the cause is being listed
as suspicious. The loss caused by this fire is being set at $15,000.00.
There were no injuries to civilians or fire personnel as a result of this
blaze. A follow-up investigation will be conducted by the Arson Bureau
to determine the official cause of this fire. There were twenty-four
firefighters utilized at this incident including: three engine companies,
two ladder companies, one rescue unit, one district chief, and one fire
investigator. Fire companies were on the scene for approximately one
hour and forty-five minutes. For additional imformation on this incident
contact District Three Fire Chief Gary Scott at 352-2333 or Fire
Investigator John Heltman at (car 512) at 352-1688. Thank You.


Mike Kroeger

Michael G. Kroeger, District Chief
Cincinnati Fire Division, Risk Manager
430 Central Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-2642