031099: @1815 hours E11,L3 & chief 4 were dispatched to a reported smoke odor inside the Dillman Karate school at 132 Warren St. By-pass. Companies arrived at the large 2 story mixed occupancy building (1st floor commercial with apartments above) and found smoke coming from a ceiling loft area. C-4 (DC Kellenberger) requested the box be filled out at 1818 hours. Fire Communications transmitted box 713, Warren St. By-pass & Butler street and added E3,E9, R1, and chief 8 to the assignment. Companies went to work as the smoke condition became heavier and began pushing from the eaves. After extensive opening up the fire was placed under control @1910 hours. It appears the fire was caused by an electrical short and had been smoldering for awhile. Employees reported smelling smoke earlier in the day.