Philadelphia Pa- 2 Alarm Fire Destroys vacant building.

A passerby alerted the members of Ladder 8, located at Chelten & Baynton St of a fire in a building located in the rear of their station. Ladder 8 immediately notified F.C.C. of this report.
Box- 2267, Chelten & Baynton was struck at 1050 hours.
P-19,Squrt-9,E-51,E-63, Lad-8,Lad-21, Bat-9,Bat-2.
At 1052 hours Lad-8 reports he has a 2 story building, 75x50, fire showing on the 1st floor. 2-2 are to go in service.
1052 hours, Medic 10 is dispatched.
1054 hours, Deputy 2 and Rescue 1 are dispatched.
1055 hours Lad-8 reports that the fire is through the roof, all companies are now in service.
1057 hours, Bat-2 reports that all companies are on an exterior atttack with their heavest water lines.
1100 hours P-50 cover Squrt-9,Squrt 72 cover Eng-51.
1101 hours, the 2nd Alarm is struck by orders of Bat-2.
E-59,P-50,Squrt-72,Eng-35,P-61,Lad-29,B-8,Bat-10,Bat-11,Field Com-1.
1103 hours, Medic 33 & ES-5 are dispatched.
1108 hours, P-34 cover Squrt-9,P-20 cover Eng-51.
1114 hours Deputy 2 reports he has heavy fire, all companies are in service with water curtains to protect the exposures.
1117 hours, Eng-16 cover P-50, Lad-14 cover Lad-21.
1120 hours, the fire is placed under control by orders of Deputy 2.

Greg Masi
Phila.Second Alarmers

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