Crosby, Texas firefighters responded to a reported structure fire at 11:03 a.m. on Tuesday March 9. Asst. chief Russell White was first to arrive on scene and reported light smoke from the rear of a trailer house.
Crosby Eng. 803 and Houston Eng. 65 arrived simultaneously and the fire was found to be on waterbed frame. fire was contained to the bed and some clothing, however smoke damage was throughout structure. the family living in the home had 5 smoke detectors, and they let the residents know of the fire, allowing escape. The cause was ruled to be the waterbed heater. the family was in the process of moving, and had drained and taken the waterbeds' mattress out of the frame, the heater was left on, and the homeowner had stacked cardboard boxes on the bedframe on top of the heater, the heat build up from the heater ignited the boxes.