Philadelphia Pa- 3-17-99- 5 Alarm Warehouse Fire

Philadelphia Firefighters fought a 5 alarm fire today, in the Nicetown section of Philadelphia, in a building containing bales of rags. The fire raged for approx, 1 1/2 hours before being placed under control.

Box-4455 25 & Hunting Park Av--0921 hours
Firre reported at 2615 W Hunting Park Av.
E-35, Eng-45,P-50, Squrt-72, TF-18. L-25, B-8, B-3.
0924 hours-TF-18 arrives and reports he has a 2 story building, 100x75, heavy fire on the first and second floors, All companies are to go in service with their heaviest water lines.
0925 hours, Deputy 2 , Rescue 1, and Medic 4 are dispatched.
0928 hours, B-8 arrives and reports he has heavy fire showing.
0929 hours, B-8 orders the second alarm.
E-27, P-19, E-55,E-2, P-34, L-14, B-9, B-2,B-10, and Field Com-1
0930 hours, Medic 16 is dispatched.
0948 hours, Deputy 2 orders the 3rd Alarm
E-12, P-52, P-61,Squrt-43, Snorkel-5 ,B-4
1000 hours- Deputy 2 orders the 4th Alarm
E-44, E-70, P-18, E-51, and Snorkel 28
1002 hours-Squrt-9 is special called.
1028 hours- Car-2 orders the 5th Alarm
E-37, E-62, P-28, E-11
1046 hours, the fire is placed under control by Car-1
1116 hours, E-13 and Air Unit 1 is special called.
Special Note- Three firefighters sustained minor injuries while fighting this fire.
Special Note - This fire building contained large bales of rags which required approx 55--5 gallion containers of Wet Water being delivered to the fireground.

Greg Masi
Phila.Second Alarmers