On 3-21-99 at 2300 hrs. SAINT JAMES FIRE DEPT. Toned out with a structure fire. Firecom advised that several calls had been recived. Chiefs 4331, 4332& 4333 responded. 4331 advised he had a "working fire" in a 5000+ Sq ft historic home. First due Engine 431 took the driveway and streched a 1 3/4" line to the dining room which was fully involved. Engine 433 laid in for water supply if needed. Engine 432 sent manpower up to go to work. Tower Ladder 437 sent up manpower for outside vent & to Ladder the building. Rescue 439 had their members search the building. Stony Brook F.D. was called for a Engine. No victims were found, two SJFD members had minor injuries.

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