033099- @ 1740 hours E3, L2, and C9 were sent on a still alarm for the alarm system at the Washington Towers, 50 N. 4th street. Arriving less than a minute later from their station across the street, companies proceeded to the alarm panel which showed an activation in apartment 6-H. Companies arrived at apartment 6-H and were greeted by the tenant reporting a fire in 1 of the rooms of the apartment. With this report and additional alarms starting to register on the panel of the 13 story building, C9 ordered Fire Communications to transmit high-rise box 1617, bringing E1,E5,E11,Sn1,L3, R1, 2 medic units and C2 to the seen. A working fire was transmitted, and companies were ordered to their preplan positions & to pressurize the stand pipe system. C1 responded at this time and assumed command. Companies made quick work of the smokey fire with 1 line. The fire was placed under control @ 1810 hours. Companies remained on the scene venting smoke for an additional hour & a half.

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