At 20:00 on Saturday, 04/03, both the Cobleskill and Sharon Springs (AMA) were toned for a structure fire on Clove Road, Town of Seward. This large 1800's vintage farmhouse with several additions had heavy fire in the rear and it had already gotten to the attic areas. Immediate mutual aid was requested from Richmondville(Tanker 1341, Engine 1321), Carlisle(Tanker 2031).Sharon Springs responded with Engine 1521, Engine 1522, Tanker 1541. Cobleskill responded their rural pumper 5023, engine 5021, aerial 5071, tanker 5041. Sharon set their mini pumper 1522 to 1 water supply and Cobleskill sent their engine 5021 to a second water source. Luckily, Sharon Engine 1521 was providing light support at 1 fill site when 1 of the 2 primary scene pumpers failed(Cobleskill 5023), forcing Sharon 1521 be called to the scene as a primary engine. Concerns for water added Esperance tanker 7031 and Cherry Valley to the scene within the first hour. Renovation after renovation to this structure created a great challenge to extinguish and control. In my 14+ years, I have never seen so many voids and areas where fire was to hide. Of course, plaster and lathe on all interior walls makes for heavy fuel. Mutual aid was released around 01:00 and Cobleskill called back-in-service around 4AM. To probably no one's surprise, they were re-toned for a rekindle at 7:00AM Sunday 04/04 and spent another 5 hours digging and tearing walls and attic areas that rekindled. The owner has yet to be located and cause and origin will begin Monday, 04/05. No serious firefighter injuries, only a bunch of exhausted firemen (including the author) from a large part of northern Schoharie County in eastern New York state.

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