Philadelphia Pa- April 9, 1999

A fast moving fire heavely damaged 3- 3 story apt type buildings 16 x 35 in the 400 Monroe st. First arriving companies found heavy fire in the rear of one property, extending to the others.Three Alarms were sounded to bring the fire under control in approx. 45 minutes.

0033 Hours- E-11 dispatched to 400 Monroe for an investigation.

0034 Hours Tac.Box.-1232 4th & Monroe
Pipeline-3, Snorkel-2,Snorkel-5, Bat-4

0037 Hours- Medic -1

0038 Hours- Box-1232- 4th & Monroe
Squrt-8, Eng-1, Bat-1, Res-1,Dep-1

0041 Hours- Air Unit-2, Pipeline-28

0042 Hours- 2nd Alarm Struck
Eng-10,Pipeline-20, Eng-24, Pipeline-49, Lad-11, Bat-3, Bat-11, Bat-7

0044 Hours- Medic-14

0058 Hours- Special Call - Lad-9, Lad-23

0100 Hours- Special Call- Bat-8

0102 Hours- Medic-7

0102 Hours- 3rd Alarm Struck
Pipeline-5, Squrt-38, Pipeline-50, Eng-47

0117 Hours- Fire Under Control

Greg Masi
Phila.Second Alarmers