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    Default Florida Brush Fires- Martin/PSL

    Yesterdays rain in the area did little to help. The Drought index is 707. No rain in forecast. Small flare-ups continue at the PSL fire, where 50 homes were destroyed, and dozens more suffered severe damage. Forestry crews from Arizona are assisting with Hotspots, along with Strike Teams from PB Co.
    The Everglades fire is now 70,000+ acres, and out of control.
    Martin County has been busy with numerous fires, doubling manpower, and 1st alarm assingments (explains why I've worked 9 out the last 11 days) Manning brush trucks during peak hours. 3 structures were saved Friday on the Moores St fire due this quick response.
    One note of interest, about the PSL fire, a Martin County Firefighter was on duty at Sta. 34 (Jupiter Island), when she saw news chopper footage of her home being engulfed, along with her mothers' home across the street. I will repost this when we have set up an account for her (she lost everything).
    Stay Safe
    Lt. Dave Bish, MCFR

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    Todays Drought index was 713. No relief in sight.
    A 300 acre fire West of I-95, near SR 714
    burned in Martin County, but no structures were endangered.
    At this time, water drops were being made, and ground crews were getting lines around it.

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    New fires burned over the weekend, mainly small 1/4-1/2 acre fires started by lightning strikes.
    On Mon., 2 new fires erupted, an 85 acre fire in Pt. St. Lucie closed the Turnpike for 2 hrs., and a 175 acre fire burned in Western Martin Co., in which a Strike team firefighter was treated for burns. Neither fire endangered any structures.
    MCFR is also working another fire in Western Martin Co. at this time.

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    Addition to above message.
    Drought index is now at 727.

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