At 23:56hrs on April 15,1999 Box 273 was transmitted for a fire reported in the kitchen of the Quality Inn hotel located near the entance to the Holland Tunnel (tunnel connecting NJ to NY ). Fire Dispatch advised Battalion 1 he was receiving many calls for a working fire. Eng 6 was the first on the scene reporting heavy fire and requested the box to be filled (JCFD sends 3 Eng 2 Trk 1 Rescue 1 Batt on a box alarm) Deputy 1, Eng 14 (fast unit) and Sqd 4 was dispatched. Battalion 1 requested a 2nd alarm @ 0001hrs due to the "heavy volume of fire". Truck 7 request urgent help due to people trapped on the second floor. Deputy 1 requested the 3rd alarm @ 0003hrs and Car 3 Chief of Department requested "strike the 4th Alarm" due to heavy volume of fire and people still trapped in rooms . There were several urgent request for all fire personel to stay off the roof as the heavy volume of fire weekened the stucture to a unsafe status. The volume of fire was so heavy that windows in the hotel's main lobby exploded along with pool lamps melting from heat. The hotel had 236 guest however the manifest was burnt in the fire causing primary and secondary searchs to be delayed, finally by order of Car 3 Chief of Department make forced entry into rooms if required so we can make sure everyone is out safely. At 0055hrs the fire was declared under control, with only one (1)injury. There were unconfirmed reports that the fire alarm was switch to silent in order to not alarm the guest. This is still being investigated by the JCFD.