CHARLESTON, SC-A 911 alarm was received by City of Charleston Fire
Department dispatchers just after midnight on Tuesday, April 20th. Initial
response was E6, E15, T4, & C3. Upon arrival of E6, it was found that fire
had spread throughout rear and middle portion of a 2-story wood frame
(vacant) house. E6 laid 2 2.5" handlines (both stack tips) to the east side
of the building. Upon arrival of T4, it was placed into operation on the
south side of the building with both monitors in operation. E15 arrived and
laid one 2.5" handline to the west side of the building as well as 2 more
2.5" handlines to T4. E6 gave T4 a third line.
C3 radioed for E3 to respond to the '76', and upon their arrival, they also
placed a 2.5" handline into operation by advancing in the front of the
building. Fire was brought under control in approximately 20 minutes.

A vagrant was arrested by the Charleston Police Department for sleeping
inside the home. Investigators will speak with him today in search of
information he may have about the cause. It is unknown to this writer how
long the home had been vacant, but there was a realty company sign up on
the side of the building. No injuries were reported. Fire is official still
under investigation.

Units responding-E6, E15, E3, E8 (relocation), T4, C1, C2, C3, Charleston

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