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The Rescue Fire Company of Susquehanna Township, just north of Harrisburg, PA has elected to donate a 1976 1000 gpm Engine to the Mulhall Volunteer Fire Company, located in Oklahoma. The town of Mulhall was devistated by the recent tornadoes, with 95% of the town being destroyed, and one of it's two fire stations being leveled. Engine 37-2 will be donated with a full compliment of firefighting gear, which will enable it to be a first line attach piece.

Engine 37-2, a 1000 gpm Hann Pumper was purchased in 1976 and ran as a first line unit up to 1997. Since then it has served Susquehanna Township as a reserve unit. The members of Rescue Fire Co. have asked local departments for donations of additional equipment such as turnout gear, SCBA's and just about anything else a Volunteer Department would need.

Contact information- The Mulhall Township Fire Dept, Oklahoma can be contacted at (405) 649-2494. The Rescue Fire Co. can be contacted at (717) 323-9502 or Captain George C. Drees of Rescue at (717) 657-7768. For more information on the Rescue Fire Co., visit their web site at

Rescue can be e-mailed at or at

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Michael Mihalo
Secretary, Rescue Fire Co.
Susquehanna Twp.
(717) 232-9502