051099 @ 0315 hours: Box 426, 11th & Washington streets was transmitted for a reported building fire in the 100 block of Mulberry street. E1,13,3, Sn1,L1,R1, C4 & C8 responded. C4 (DC Kellenberger) arrived and reported a 2&1/2 story occupied EOR dwelling with heavy fire showing 1st & 2nd floors and reports of people possibly trapped. Companies began an aggressive interior attack on the fire with 1&3/4" lines. Crews knocked down the fire on the 1st & 2nd floors but were unable to make the attic because of a partial collapse and deteriorating conditions inside the building. Companies were withdrawn from the building as the fire began to spread to exposures 4 & 4a, and a 2nd alarm was struck bringing E9,5, L3, C1,C2, & C9 to the scene. A master stream from Sn1 was put into service to knock down the heavy fire in the partially collapsed attic as crews began working in the exposures. E8 was special called to the scene for additional personnel as companies worked on the 3 row homes. The fire was placed under control about 90 minutes later,completely gutting the original fire building at 117 Mulberry street, and damaging 2 exposures at 115 & 113 Mulberry street.. 3 firefighters were injured in the fire which preliminary reports say was started by the owner after becoming angry at a neighbor. The other occupant of the building reported to have been trapped has not been located.