On Friday, 5-14-99, Phila. Firefighters contained a 2 alarm fire within 45 minutes,after responding to a 20 story apartment building located in Center City Philadelphia.The rundown of the incident is as follows.

0844 hours- Box-729- 19 & Spruce St
Fire reported at 220 W. Rittenhouse SQ
The following companies responded.
SQ-43, E-24, E-11, E-10, L-9, S-5, TF-23
B-1, B-4, R-1

0855 hours- B-1 reports he has heavy smoke on the 9 th floor, 2-2 are to go in service.

0855 hours- MIRA BOX IS STRUCK
The following companies responded.
E-47, L-11, B-11, M-7, M-14, AU-1, E-13, D-1

0902 hours The following cover ups are dispatched.
P-5 cover SQ-43, L-16 cover S-5, P-50 cover TF-23

0902 hours - ES-4 is dispatched.
0904, hours L-14 cover up L-9
0905 hours, 2ND ALARM IS STRUCK
The following companies responded.
P-5, P-50, SQ-8, E-44, P-3, L-16, B-7, B-8, FCOM-1
B-1 reports this is a 20 story high rise apt. building 80x80. with fire in one apt on the 9th floor.

0917 hours- P-28 cover E-10, SQ-38 cover P-20, L-15 cover S-5, P-40 cover E-24, E-35 cover E-44


Greg Masi
Phila.Second Alarmers