On May 11, 1999. At 0400, Polk County Fire Department Station 7, was called out for a residential structure at 2440 Broadway St.
Engine 7, Engine 13, Tanker 7, Lt. 7, Chief 5 responded. On arrival of Engine 7, there was fire in 1 bedroom and in the attic. There was a fully involved car that was parked behind the house, 5 feet from a Mobile home. 2 - 1 3/4" lines were pulled, 1 at the house and 1 at the car. The fire at the house was knocked down within a few minutes along with a kmock down at the car. the line was moved from the bedroom window to the front door. The door could not be forced open due to it being blocked by trash. Entry was made thru the picture window next to the door. After entry was made we found a body sitting on the couch holding a shotgun. The man had shot himself in the head. The fire was fully extinguished, and a quick search for any other bodies. and State Fire Marshal called in. also called in was the Sherrifs Dept. After there arrival, we were released and went to the station. About 4 hours later, our station was called out again, due to what was found by the fire marshal. Numerous container of gasoline with shotgun shells glued to them, C-4 thru out the house, and a 55 gal drum of gasoline with a gernade straped to it. The fire marshall stated that all items were hidden and could not be seen due to how dark the house was. It was stated that there was enough stuff there to take out half of the neighborhood.
The house is a single story wood frame structure. The owner was alone, and reclusive. The grass in the yard was knee deep, and looked abandoned.