Osceola County firefighters were dispatched to a smoke investigation call just before 16:00 hours on May 21, 1999. They were testing hose at the time and one of their pre-connected 1 3/4 lines was disconnected and left behind. Upon arrival things quickly went from a small column of smoke to a raging wildfire. Polk County firefighters were dispatched to the area by 911 calls from across the district line. I had the distinct pleasure of being the incident commander as this call went to 200 acres. I personally witnessed heroic efforts from these firefighters while saving a structure from a wind driven inferno. Dozers and air units from the Fl. Division of Forestry helped to contain the fire while fire units from both counties protected the structures. I am proud to say that there were no injuries and no property damage as a result of their efforts. Even while using 2 radio systems (800 and Vhf), things went pretty well.

Here is a brief list of units:
Battalion One
Chiefs 2 & 4
Engine 41
Brush/Tanker 41
Brush/Tanker 21
Brush/Tanker 22
Brush/Tanker 93

Polk County
Battalion 1
Chief 3
Division 1
Engine 26
Brush 26
Tanker 26
Tanker 28
Tanker 264 (Haines City)

Lkld 5 (Supervisor)
2 Tractor/Plow Dozers
1 BlackHawk Helicopter w/bambi bucket
1 fixed wing spotter plane.

Respectfully submitted:

Mike Linkins
Polk County Fire Department