I am having difficulty finding someone who can help me. I currently work for the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna Austria. I have a project to assist the government of Belarus with the remediation of areas that were contaminated by the Chernobyl accident. There is a large forested area that is highly contaminated. If there is a major fire in this area, the contamination could spread outside the area.

I am trying to find a forest fire prevention expert (senior person)who could go on a 1 week mission to Belarus and assess the current conditions in the forest and make recommendations on how to minimize the impacts of a fire. The fire load is very high (lots of underbrush, no fire breaks, etc.) since very few people are allowed in this area.

I have tried to contact the NFA (but they do not answer my e-mails) and the State of California could not help.

By the way, before coming to Vienna I was an Asst Chief of a fire company in Connecticut. I am asking my brothers for some help.