On Memorial Day afternoon, a gentleman in Danielson, Conn. lit his gas grill and returned inside his house to retrieve some cooking utensils.
Returning outside, he discovered the line between the tank and grill had failed, and the fire was starting to burn his deck and siding. The homeowner then proceded to attempt to put out the fire with a garden hose. The fire was pushed into the house, and also exposed three cars in the driveway, which became involved.
At about this time, numerous neighbors called 911 to report the fire.
Danielson Fire Department was dispatched at 15:57, arriving on scene at 16:02 reporting a fully involved single story wood frame ranch house, with three cars on fire and exposures of similiar buildings.
Knockdown was reported at 16:25, although units remained on scene until 18:40. The house was gutted, and three vehicles in the driveway where lost.
During the course of the fire, tempatures were in the low 90s with uncomfortable humidity...one of the first "hot" days of the year. 5 firefighters were transported to the hospital with heat exhaustion, and were treated and released. Another firefighter suffered burns on his neck when a ceiling he was pulling collapsed, and hot embers went down the back of his coat and below the nomex hood. He was also treated and released at the hospital.

15:57 Danielson Fire Department Engine Tank 161, Engine 161, Hose Tender 161, Service 161, Tower 161
15:58 East Brooklyn Fire Dept. Engine Tank 192
16:05 KB Ambulance, Rescue 661 to standby at scene
16:15 East Brookly Hose Tender 192 to scene
16:25 Fire Knocked Down
16:55 East Killingly Rescue 164 (Cascade) to scene
17:02 Rescue 661 transporting 2
17:17 Mortlake Fire Co. Rescue 690 to scene
17:38 Rescue 661 transporting 1
17:39 Rescue 690 transporting 2
17:43 Mortlake Rescue 590 to scene
18:00 Rescue 590 transporting 1
18:22 "Signal 54" Fire Under Control
18:40 Command Terminated, remaining units released
Other Resources: Connecticut Light & Power, Killingly Fire Marshal, Killingly Building Inspector, Red Cross