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    Default new rescue/pumper

    my dept. is looking into buying a new rescue/pumper. and i am involved in helping picking it out and picking out what to get on it, and i am looking for suggestions on what anybody thinks is good to have put on it.


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    Barry Coe
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    My department is also spec'ing a new pumper rescue. I have been involved for over a year and I will list a few of the items that we were looking at and why. The big this in our mind are 24 inch deep compartments with roll-up doors. We have found that you can get the roll-up doors, un-painted for the same price that it costs for painted swing out doors and you do not lose an additional 1-1/2 of compartment space and the doors do not get in the way or ripped off.

    We are spec'ing a hydraulically driven electrical generator so that we do not lose so much compartment space and so that we can turn it on and off with a flip of a switch (electric PTO controlled).

    We are looking at a light tower also (quite expensive) for its added safety of a well lit scene.

    We are looking at placing the Hurst Rescue tools in a roll out tray/cube at the rear/beavertail of the truck. Also we are looking at a simo (2) pump so that we can run two tools off of two reels. A single pump provides very slow tool operation when runing two tools.

    We are looking at a hydraulic ladder rack, but it adds 18 inches to the height of the truck.

    We are adding a full flow suction at the rear of the truck and running a second line to the primer so that the air can be evacuated prior to opening the valve to the pump while drafting.

    We are thinking about going with our first custom cab, possibly an HME, and placing electrical reels in the cab behind the front wheel wells (enclosed in a compartment except for the cable outlet).

    We are looking at a 1250 GPM Hale QFLOW and a 1000 gallon tank. The rescue/squad style 24" deep compartment force the manufacturer to place a retangular tank in the center instead of a "T" style tank. This unfortunantly raises the center of gravity.

    We are also looking at the HALE foam system with class "A" and "B" foam. We do not have any departments close to us that can give us feedback though.

    Let me know if I can be of any assistance.
    Barry Coe
    Grabill VFD

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    A word of caution for roll-up doors. If you are in an area that has a lot of sand or raod salt, look into swinging doors. The doors coorode easily and scratch very easily if painted. If you do get them, pressure wash them everytime they are exposed to any dirt, sand, salt, etc.

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