Philadelphia Pa- 6-16-99
2-Alarm Fire Guts Warehouse

1326 Hours- Box-7683- 30 & Berks St
Fire reported at 3034 W. Sedgley Av

E-45, P-34,E-13,E-27, L-14, L-1, B-3, B-8

1329 Hours- E-45 reports he has a 2 story building, Medium smoke showing.

1333 Hours- Medic 13 is dispatched.

1336 Hours- Rescue 1 and Deputy 2 dispatched.

1339 Hours- B-3 reports he has a 2 1/2 story building, 100 x 100, heavy fire in the middle of the building, building also contains a large amount of automobiles., He wants all companies to lead off with their heaviest water lines.

1340 Hours- P-20 cover P-34, SQ-8 cover E-13, TL-18 cover L-14

1344 Hours- P-5, cover E-27

1352 Hours. Deputy 2 orders the 2ND ALARM

E-35, P-20, SQ-8, E-44, P-5, TL-18, B-11, B-4, B-1, FCOM-1, and ES-4

1353 Hours-Medic 34 is dispatched.

1401 Hours- P-19 cover P-34 , P-6 cover E-45, E-53 cover E-27, P-3 cover SQ-8

1403 Hours-, L-10 cover L-14

1411 Hours Fire under control by Dep-2

1411 Hours- SA-1 is responding

Greg Masi
Phila.Second Alarmers