Philadelphia Pa. 6-21-99.
The Sunoco refinery in South Philadelphia was hit by a 4 alarm blaze that lit up the dawn skies. First arriving companies found heavy fire conditions in an area known as unit 231, and within 45 minutes 4 alarms were struck, bringing 125 firefighters to the scene. The fire was brought under control in 2 1/2 hours, and there were no injuries reported.

0419 Hours- Box- 5988 3000 Penrose Av
Fire reported at the Sunoco refinery

E-60, P-49, E-24, E-53, L-27, L-11, B-1, B-7, B-11, Rescue-1, E-169 (foam unit), Q-69, Deputy -1, Medic 37, Haz-Mat-1

0424 Hours- ES-4 dispatched

0425 Hours- FCC reports the weather conditions to B-1 -- Temp-59 degrees, Humidity- 96 percent, Winds from the NE 9 MPH, Barometer 30.27 and falling.

0427 Hours- E-47 and Medic 14 dispatched to Marine Unit 2

0428 Hours- Marine Unit 2 dispatched.

0430 Hours- P-49 reports he has a tank on fire, all companies are to prepare to lead off with heavy water lines.

0431 Hours- B-1 reports he has a large volume of fire showing. All companies are to stage at the main gate. E-24 will be the staging coordinator.

0432 Hours- FM-21 dispatched.

0432 Hours- B-1 reports he has a hydrogen tank on fire STRIKE OUT THE SECOND ALARM.

E-10, P-40, P-3, E-11, E-68, B-4, B-3, B-8, Field Com-1, Medic 11, and Medic 19.

0440 Hours- P-6 cover E-53, P-34 cover E-60, P-50 cover E-10, E-33 and E-133 (foam unit) cover E-11., L-14 cover L-27.


P-34, P-6, E-33, E-133, E-36, B-10

0445 Hours B-7 reports he has 1 unit fully involved, impinging on other units .

0448 Hours- Thrid alarm companies are to stage at Gate 24

0448 Hours- B-7 wants Marine Unit 1 to cover Marine Unit-2

0449 Hours- E-29 and Medic 1 dispatched to Marine Unit 1

0450 Hours- B-7 orders the 2nd Alarm companies to lead in from the river side of the fire.

0453 Hours- E-7 cover E-53, P-61 cover E-60, E-71 cover P-40, E-66 cover E-11, E-63 cover E-29.


P-61, E-7, P-50, E-71

0512 Hours- Marine Unit 2 is located at Sun refinery pumping station

0514 Hours- SA-1 is responding.

0536 Hours- Marine Unit 2 reports the manifold is charged and water is flowing.

0645 Hours- Fire Under Control by orders of Car-1

Greg Masi
Phila.Second Alarmers