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    Default 2 YR OLD Injured by AIRBAG

    A 2 yr old girl was riding in the front seat of a car when the driver struck a stopped car. She was propelled into the dash as the airbag deployed. She suffed face, head and neck trauma, including a fracture of the cervical spine (c-3,c-4)She was transported to the Elliot Hospital, a level II trauma center, stabilized and airlifted to Childrens Hospital in Boston Mass. She is doing better and is expected to make a full recovery. The driver, her uncle, was aressted for 2nd offence DWI, felony DWI, operating after suspension.

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    The never ending saga of tradgey where the law makers and court system continue to fail to even slow the very worst drivers down. Fortunatly in this case the victim will recover, but it makes one wonder what the family was thinking when they allowed the girl to go with her uncle, surely they knew of is driving record.

    Are child safety seats the law or just a suggestion in Mass.?

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    How about the fact that she was in the front seat to begin with?? I thought all infants/children were supposed to be in the back due to air bags? Of course, the uncle was drunk so that adds to the stupidity of the whole situation.

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