On Saturday June 26, 1999 @ 2000hrs Jersey City Fire Dispatch transmitted district 630 for a fire reported a Pine and Ash streets, on the response was Sqd 4 Trk 12 Batt 1. (Eng 10 was on a still alarm)upon arrival Sqd 4 reported a 2sty brk 100 x 100 fully involved and requested a 2nd alarm.(note: in Jersey City when a 1-1-1 box is sent out and the box turns out to be a working fire or in this case a large fire with a 2nd alarm being transmitted, the box receives 4 engs , 1 trk, rescue 1 and the deputy cheif, and the 2nd alarm is an additional 3 engs 1 trk and the canteen.A 3rd alarm was requested by batt 1 at 2007 hrs bringing an additional 3 engs and 2 trks and an additional batt. This fire was in a abandon wax warehouse and burned out of control for hours as the inside of this warehouse was fully ingulfed in flames as flamable materials were left in the warehouse for several years. There was no exposure problems as this was on a dead end street, however the NJ Turnpike extension was shut down for hours due to the large volume of smoke, which made it extremly difficult for drivers to see.